Thursday, October 10, 2013

#GiveToWendy Blog Roundup

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UPDATE: Here is Burnt Orange Report's roundup post!

October 10 is the fundraising "blog bomb" effort to raise money for Wendy Davis's gubernatorial campaign.  If you haven't read my contribution yet, well...why the hell not?? :)

Here are the other people/blogs that are participating.  (If they're not hyperlinked, their post probably was not active at the time I originally posted this.  I will update this entry as more links become available!)
*I know not everyone supports every blog above, but I wanted to provide a comprehensive list!*

What. A. Summer.

You were there.  I was there.  In person or online, we were ALL. THERE.

Perry called special session after special session, just to get ALEC's his anti-choice legislation pushed through.  But we had had enough.  And Wendy Davis knew it.

And so began one of the most well-known filibusters since Mr. Smith went to Washington.  Wendy Davis stood for 11 hours (longer if you include the time she stood after her third infraction) with no food, no water, no sitting, no leaning, and remaining on topic AT ALL TIMES.  (Can we all agree we never want to hear the word "germane" again??)

Do you remember the thrill of victory?

Cecile Richards Reads Wendy Davis's Text Announcing SB5 Failed

Wendy Davis fought for us, and now we need to fight for her.

If you've been living under a rock for the past week, you may not know that WENDY DAVIS IS RUNNING FOR TEXAS GOVERNOR IN 2014!!!

What can you do to help Wendy Davis defeat Greg "Asshole" Abbott?
And now, for your viewing pleasure, one more video from YouTube.

"Women's Rights" - Parody of "Blurred Lines"

**Please note, I apologize for not transcribing the videos.  I am swamped with grad school and ran out of time.**