Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Proper Secrets by Rachel Francis

  • Name: Proper Secrets
  • Author: Rachel Francis
  • ISBN: 9780985834647
  • Genre: Paranormal Romance
  • Publisher: Smith Publicity
  • Publication/Expected Publication: February 1, 2013

As a Jane Austen/Brontë sisters fan, I have to say I really enjoyed this book.  I am generally somewhat skeptical of historical fiction (The Other Boleyn Girl - need I say more?), but Ms. Francis was very upfront that her story was NOT historical fiction and actually took place on a sort of alternate timeline.  That is to say, the setting and characters closely mirrored that of Regency era England, but the names of places and general government structure were entirely of Ms. Francis's creation.

I thought Emily Worthing was a strong female main character.  She took it into her mind that she would not marry (which, in this time period, also meant no children of course) and was none too shy about her position.  As someone who remained unmarried for a long time (and is still personally childless, although I have a stepdaughter), I admired her assertiveness in maintaining her so-called "spinsterhood" and not allowing people to tell her "oh you'll change your mind eventually."

I expected the friendship between Emily Worthing and Elijah Wingrave to be a fairly typical, Austen-esque relationship; however, there are a few twists and turns they must navigate that completely took me by surprise.

The fact that I personally identified with Emily may make me biased, but I would highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone, especially if you love the more classical (rather than steamy) romances!

**Please note that I did receive a free copy of this book via Netgalley.**

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