Friday, June 21, 2013

HB60 News Coverage & TV Appearances - LINKS

UPDATES (newest to oldest):

  • You can stream Sunday's legislature session here.
  • I had to split my original post into two separate ones. Click to view Part 2 - VIDEO
  • You can watch Thursday's hearing online here.

You may have heard about bills relating to women's health and abortion in the Texas Legislature over the past week or so.  We are primarily concerned about SB5, HB60, and HB16.  Jessica Luther has some GREAT info on why these bills are antiquated and disgusting, so go read this and this and then come back here.

Did you read it?  Ok.

So...what happened Thursday night??  Well, it was pretty fact, it even trended on Twitter!


It appears some of these links have been updated to reflect the AP story. I am posting them in this order per NARAL TX's account of which stories went up first as the hearing unfolded last night.

Here are some other links (in alphabetical order):


You can watch Amanda Hernandez's original testimony here.


If you have any additional news stories or confirmed national TV coverage, please feel free to contact me on Twitter at @tootwistedtv or email me virginia(at)tootwistedforcolortv(dot)com.

DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS Y'ALL! (And yes, I'm aware of how cheesy that sounded.)

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