Monday, May 20, 2013

Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire

  • Name: Beautiful Disaster
  • Author: Jamie McGuire
  • ISBN: 9781476712055
  • Genre: Romance
  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster Inc.
  • Publication/Expected Publication: August 14, 2012


Abby Abernathy (aka "Pigeon") decided to leave her troubled past behind her when she went off to college.  During her freshman year, she meets Travis, who reminds her of everything she wants to forget.  This book tells the strange and twisted tale of their relationship.

Abby and Travis meet through Abby's friend America and her boyfriend (and Travis's cousin) Shepley.  Almost from the beginning, their relationship is incredibly volatile.  Although only friends, Travis exhibits a jealous possessiveness toward Abby that sabotages any relationship she decides to pursue.  He obviously has anger issues and generally focuses that anger in "Fight Club"-esque matches held in the basements of campus buildings.

Travis's anger and Abby's naiveté make for some interesting misunderstandings and miscommunications.  Although they seem like an unlikely pair, it appears their personalities ultimately suit one another.  Their relationship is a veritable roller coaster with a not-quite-predictable ending.  This is definitely one of the more unique and less formulaic romance novels I have read, and I would recommend it (see caveat below).

*There is no physical violence between the two main characters (Abby and Travis) with the exception of him narrowly missing her when he punched someone else.  Travis fights A LOT in this book (both in matches and personally) and sometimes takes that out on people he perceives as flirting with "his girl." If this type of violence is something that triggers you, you may want to pass on this book.

**Please note that I did receive a free copy of this book via Netgalley.**

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