Thursday, August 16, 2012

When it rains, it pours...

The last month or so has been absolutely...strange.  Let me give you a general breakdown of what happened:

  1. Unemployment claim denied.
  2. Mother-in-law diagnosed with breast cancer and subsequently had a mastectomy (diagnosis and surgery within a week of each other).
  3. Sister going into labor about 3 weeks early and giving birth to tiny little daughter who is still in NICU.
  4. On the same day as #3, we were visiting MIL and had to take her to local ER due to a drainage pump issue.
  5. Health insurance cards from husband's new job came in two weeks late, meaning I had to postpone my doctor's appointment until tomorrow (originally had planned to go last week).
  6. Grad school messed up my application (and subsequently fixed it within 2-3 business days).
  7. Financial aid messed up my aid request due to #6 (and then subsequently fixed it within about 12 hours).
  8. During a freak storm, a tree fell ON OUR CAR (still drive-able, just lots of dents and scratches). The apartment complex next door (where the tree fell from) has been giving us the runaround about getting it fixed.

This is why, with the exception of a few book reviews, I have not had many substantive posts lately.  I have been trying to cope with all these events while being low on LOTS of medication (see #5).  Hopefully starting this weekend, I will have more important things to say.

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