Friday, July 6, 2012 ZONE!

Let me start out by saying that I have been trying to post this since we got home from the fireworks display at about 10:00pm TWO DAYS AGO.  First, my video camera was giving me hassle.  Then YouTube was all, "We can't handle the awesomeness of your video.  Also it is over 15 minutes long."  Finally, at long last, I can regale you with our Fourth of July adventure.

In San Marcos, there is a river that runs out of a spring-fed lake.  I couldn't remember if they shot the fireworks over the river or the lake, but my husband said he thought it was the river, so we headed over in that general direction.  We ended up parking near the new (grossly oversized if you ask me) Texas State University football stadium.

[Image Description: Facade of Texas State University football stadium with bobcat logo lit up.  A tree is blocking most of the facade except the very top.  /Image Description]

The fireworks show started nearly on time, which was a pleasant surprise.  Normally, they keep us waiting 10-15 minutes before starting, but this year we waited less than 5.  Here is the (18 minute long) video of the fireworks display if you care to watch it.

[Video Description: 18 minutes of fireworks going off.  I'm not as experienced with video descriptions as I am with still image descriptions, so if someone can provide some pointers, I would greatly appreciate it. /Video Description]

As I was recording the show, I felt a couple of rocks or pebbles hit my ankle.  I thought the super annoying kids behind us were throwing things at me, but after the smoke cleared - LITERALLY - we discovered we had been struck by falling firework debris.

Lest you think I'm making a big deal out of nothing, allow me to present the evidence:

[Image Description (left to right): A US dime for scale purposes, a fuse that hit my stepdaughter, and three pieces of firework debris, increasing in size, that hit both me and my husband. /Image Description]

Thankfully, no one was injured, nothing caught fire, and no vehicles were damaged.  As we drove back to the apartment, we saw even more debris (and an unrelated BBQ fork) in the road as well.  Who knew fireworks could be so dangerous even when viewing them from a "safe" distance?  I couldn't help busting out with "Highway to the Danger Zone," much to the chagrin of my husband and delight of my stepdaughter.  That's just how I roll. :)


  1. CRAP! That's some big debris! Sounds like a blast, though!

  2. In high-school I got a hot speck from fireworks in my eye. I swear to God I thought I would go blind.

  3. @Susan - It was a pretty good time. :)

    @Kristin - Wow, that sucks! I hope no serious damage was done!!