Monday, April 16, 2012

An Open Letter

Dear Everyone in the Front Section of the #10 Bobcat Stadium Tram at approximately 3:30pm CST on 4/16/12:

Go fuck yourselves.  Seriously.

I realize you've all had a long day of classes and studying, as have I.  I sympathize with the tired look in your eyes, knowing that the end of the semester is less than a month away.

What I can't sympathize with is your refusal to recognize that (in a full to capacity tram) I might need to sit down.  Sure, the three or so miles between the campus bus stop and the commuter parking lot don't seem far.  But to someone with shooting pains throughout their leg - and carrying TCOA btw - three or so miles might as well be three hundred.

I don't want special treatment.  I'm not saying TCOA gives me a special pass to tram seating.  What I am saying is that one day you will be in my situation.  Maybe not the exact situation...but a similar one.  And I can only hope that, when that day comes, the people around you will show more compassion to you than you showed toward me today.

P.S. Seriously.  Go fuck yourselves.

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