Friday, March 30, 2012

The Story of Princess Cutie Utie

Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful princess named Cutie Utie.

Look at her!  Isn't she beautiful?
[image description] Pink knit uterus with eyes and a smile wearing a tiara with purple stones and caption reading "Look at her! Isn't she beautiful?" [end image description]

Princess Cutie Utie was a benevolent ruler, who believed in freedom and equality for everyone throughout her realm.

But then one day, the Big Bad Wolf decided that Princess Cutie Utie and her loyal subjects did NOT need freedom and equality.  The Big Bad Wolf said that he and his friends knew more about reproductive rights than Cutie Utie.  The Princess found that difficult to believe since she, herself, was a reproductive organ and was well informed on her own rights!

The Big Bad Wolf and his friends wanted to implement rules such as the Quartering Act, which required uteri to house fetuses (fetii?) against their wishes and without regard for their own health.  Or the Unreasonable Search Act, which required doctors to insert magical wands into uteri without their consent for no conceivable medical purpose.

The actions of the Big Bad Wolf and his friends made Princess Cutie Utie very, very sad.  But those actions also made our beautiful princess angry.

Very, very angry.

Princess Cutie Utie called upon all her subjects to rise up against the Big Bad Wolf and his friends.  She refused to give up control of her realm.  She wanted everyone to be able to make their own decisions without consulting the Big Bad Wolf.  She demanded that freedom and equality be restored to all her subjects without delay!

The author of this story regrets this is an unfinished story at this time.  Princess Cutie Utie continues her fight to this day, but all readers can rest assured that one day she WILL be victorious!  Stay tuned...

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[Author's Note 4/30/12: After discussion with a couple of friends, I have edited this post to be more inclusive by removing references to "persons with uteri."  I apologize for any offense I have caused.]