Sunday, February 12, 2012

In Honor of Valentine's Day...

Everyone has an adorable story about how they met their significant other.  Mine is more hilarious, but still adorable, and I will never let him live it down.  Ever.

I initially met my now-husband (Frank) through work.  He was my boss.  However, we did not begin dating at that time.  I was married to someone else at that point.  (Note: I always love the looks I get at this point in the story.)

I worked there for a little less than 6 months.  About a month after I quit working there, my now-ex-husband and I had a huge blowout during which he said he wanted a divorce.  Blessed, blessed magic words.  Texas law requires a 3 month "waiting period" between filing for divorce and finalization.  Ex-husband filed at the beginning of March 2004, so our divorce was final on Cinco de Mayo of that year.  I did a lot, and I mean a LOT, of drinking during those months.

I was fairly young at the time - I had just turned 23 - and none of my friends had gone through a divorce.  But Frank had.  I still had his ICQ (yes for real) from when we worked together, and I messaged him to see if I could ask him some questions about the process and what to expect.  We started emailing back and forth and during spring break (I was in my final semester of college) I asked him to come over to the apartment I was sharing with a roommate at the time.

I bought a couple of bottles of wine (see aforementioned comment about drinking) and we shot the breeze and drank.  A LOT.  We kissed a little.  And then (here is the part he will never live down) he went outside - I assumed to smoke a cigarette - and DIDN'T COME BACK.

At first, I was really worried.  Had someone abducted him?  Had he gotten lost in the apartment complex?  Did he get hit by a car?  Was he in the hospital?

Then, I started getting paranoid.  Did I smell bad?  Was I terrible kisser?  Were my jokes so terrible that he just LEFT??

I tried to call him a few times, but no answer.  So I sent him an email just basically asking if he was ok since he left without a word.  He called me the next day apologizing profusely, saying that lately when he drank a lot, he would just wander around. (His friends later confirmed this...eccentric behavior.)  So he had helped me down 2 bottles of wine (maybe 3) and then somehow wandered back to his apartment.  (I should probably note we didn't live too far apart from each other.)

He said he wanted to hang out again that evening, and I decided to give him another chance.  Unfortunately, one of his co-workers (a woman who had a HUGE crush on him) had an "emergency" that night and he couldn't make it.  Again, he apologized and begged me to reschedule.  One more time, I agreed.  He showed up, didn't wander off, and we had a great time.

And we've been pretty much inseparable ever since.